Aim : on-line medium whose purpose is the rental of boats and yachts.

In fact, when we call upon a boat rental agency, we are restricted to the selection presented in its catalogue. Bearing this in mind, Serialboat™ aim is to provide a solution to this problem. The specificity of Serialboat is to offer a range of boats in its on-line medium, completely separately from a traditional broker. Serialboat is open to any company renting boats and yachts as well as independent yachting firms. Serialboats is neither a broker nor an agency; we do not take part in any transactions and each page includes a telephone number allowing clients to make a booking directly with the agent or the owner.

Next, our experience of internet sites allows us to offer a user-friendly and neutral website, without losing clients in a labyrinth of pointless information. As well as this, we are also Webmasters, which allows us to intervene and modify the website instantly, depending on the evolution of information.

Finally, we carry out « yachting communication », which means we are in a position to design the communication relating to your boat. This can include everything from taking photographs from a helicopter to defining the layout of a leaflet or brochure, a website devoted to your yacht or even organising launch events.

Obviously, we are also capable of building websites and banners for third parties.